Tea & Chocolate

Tea & Chocolate goes surprisingly well – but then anything apart from asparagus or Sauvignon Blanc would go with chocolate as far as I am concerned! This is a truly delicious dark chocolate from Cocoa Runners that will give a great pick-me-up when you sit down for a cuppa post lunch or mid-afternoon.


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Noodles with Beetroot, Kale and Mushrooms with a peanut sauce

This purple dish – no escaping the effect of the beetroot – is absolutely delicious, as well as being really healthy, and vegan to boot. Part of a food shoot at Tibits Bankside in London.

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Rhubarb Parfait and Rhubarb Ice Cream by Michel Roux

This beautiful dessert was devised by Michel Roux Jr of Le Gavroche to go with Royal Tokaji’s 100% Furmint wine. It is the most exquisite taste of gentle creamyness alongside the sharp and sweet freshness of rhubarb. The perks of being the photographer here were superb!

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Roasted Red Pepper, Carrot and Cumin Soup

One to warm the insides on a breezy autumnal day… and so easy to make.


Throw it in a pan approach to recipe guidance:

Simply put a load of carrots (10-12), three red peppers and three onions in a baking tray with some olive oil. Roast in the oven for 40 minutes or until soft.

Meanwhile chop up all the outer stems of celery and put in a pan of boiling water with an onion and some celariac salt to make a vegetable stock – simmer for 40 mins.

Once the veg is roasted put in a pan with with a good sprinkling  of cumin, some of the veg stock and some salt and black pepper. Whizz it up with a blender. Add as much stock as is needed for the right consistency – and your soup is ready.


For variety, you can add a tin of tomatoes, or use ginger instead of cumin as the spice.



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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Cookies

Not only are these delicious, but they are gluten free too. The sweet potato gives the biscuit it gorgeous colour, plus ensuring it melts in your mouth. You can add dark chocolate, raisins, dates, crystallised or ground ginger, cinnamon – or whatever you fancy to spice them up. See Tips below for a range of suggestions



200g sweet potatoes mash

150g ground almonds

30g honey

1/2tsp cinnamon

30g crystalized ginger (optional)

30g dark chocolate chopped (optional)



  1. Place the sweet potatoes, almonds, honey and cinnamon in a large bowl and mix to a sticky dough
  2. Add the chocolate and ginger (if used) and mix together.
  3. Using a wet spoon (so that the dough will not stick to it) spoon the cookies onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
  4. Cook in a preheated oven 170°C for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how generous your spoonful are.
  5. When cool keep in an airtight container, they should last over a week.




  • For best result bake the sweet potatoes to make mash
  • They freeze well
  • Replace honey with maple or golden syrup
  • Replace dark chocolate with white chocolate, or mix them together or do not use chocolate at all
  • Replace ginger with any other crystalised fruit; mix them up or do not use
  • Replace cinnamon with any other spice you like
  • Use dehydrated coconut instead of almonds or mix the two together
  • Use purple sweet potatoes for a more striking colours
  • Use half orange and half red sweet potatoes (at stage 1 only use one kind and add the other ones at stage 2, do not mix too much so that you will have a ripple effect)





Recipe © Felice Tocchini 2015




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Post for a Windy Day…

028_030_805_Hung out to Dry - Pink Lady Slices_0311_0311

Wild weather with gusts of 40mph have inspired me to put up this one… slices of pink lady apples hung out to dry on the washing line #foodphotographer #foodphotography #foodartist


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Wagyu Steak & Chips anyone?


When you have quality ingredients as good these, life is pretty good. Australian Wagyu steak, thin cut chips and some salt and pepper is all you need. A lot of fun photographing this with the team from quality meat suppliers to homes – www.meatmeathome.com – and wholesalers to restaurants – Freedown Food




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Come & See me at Kingston Craft Market this Saturday

If you are in the area, please come & say hello at the market in the centre of Kingston upon Thames this Saturday 27th May. I will be there showing my art work, selling mounted prints & frames, plus the chance to pick up gift vouchers for family & portrait sessions. Also just there for a chat – do drop by.

Details are: Kingston Craft Market, Market Place, Kingston, KT1 1JQ, 10-4pm.

034_FrameFish_Jan_17_7294-Tw 03-NEW 069_frame Knitting Spaghetti_7910 10-033_a16x12_frame Lemons_yellowPaint 210_FREgg and SoldiersNEW_210 frame-08-036_121_Cricketer's Rosy Apple_Pink Lady Apple0371 410_FR-Pears entwined_ smallRaspberry&CreamJug__7259-Tw



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Easy Summery desserts

537_Meringue fruit cream_1238-2

A lot of fun, licked fingers & meringue crumbs styling this one. Meringues were bought, I have to admit – mine would be considerably flatter than those! Just so simple to make – apart from whipping the cream, really nothing else to do. Popular with everyone! #foodphotography #foodphotographer #foodshoot #foodstyling #pinkladyfoodphotographeroftheyear #marksandspencerportrait #desserts



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2nd Place M&S Food Portraiture – Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year


lrFRCath Lowe_Baked Figs with Honey and Cinnamon_High Res Finalist ImageIMG_8664

Absolutely delighted to have got second place in the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2017. It is the most fabulous & prestigious international competition, with some 8,500 entries from around the world overall. All the finalist images will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London (near Trafalgar Square) – do go along if you can – it is a feast for the eyes in every sense, and some seriously wonderful photography on show.

For me, this is the category I really wanted to be a finalist in – it is all about the deliciousness of food. It is my third year as a finalist, coming third one in year in the Drinks category, winning the Apple a Day section in 2015.

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